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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Naples Christian Academy Floor Renovation

Recently we completed a urethane floor renovation at Naples Christian Academy.  The floor is over 15 years old, had cracking and was in need of a re-finish.  The before photos are below: 

We needed to fill and patch the deep cracks in the existing floor so they were not visible in the refinished floor.  Below are some of the cracks before they were addressed:

Photos during the prep and cleaning process of the floor refinish:
After the floor was cleaned, the existing cracks were filled and prepared for the new urethane finish.
Below are the "After" photos of the finished floor with the cracks filled, new urethane top coat, game lines for basketball and volleyball as well as a new center logo.

If you have any questions regarding the project or would like to meet with one of our salespeople regarding your gym floor, please contact us via E-mail at: or toll free at 888-822-5638

Upcoming Urethane Resurface and Makeover

We will be resurfacing this existing gym floor in the comming weeks to give it a fresh new look.  Check back for before and after photos.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St Paul Catholic

We just completed an installation at St Paul Catholic School in Leesburg, Florida.  The job consisted of an existing outdoor pavillion with in-ground basketball backstops.  The existing basketball equipment was removed and was converted to six ceiling suspended basketball goals.  The court was re-finished with a new pad and pour urethane floor system.  The sytem will hold up to the weather and provide a cushioned surface for sports and multi-purpose use.  See our project photos below:

 "Before" photo of the existing pavillion:

"After" Photos of the Outdoor Pavillion.  Complete with court renovation and installation
 of new basketball equipment.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Past Project Photos

Below are some photos of past projects:

Personal Residence, Naples, FL

Custom Putt-Putt Golf Course, Jogging Track, Playground Area for a Personal Residence Naples, Florida.

The Project also consisted of a Multi-Sport Game Court and a Batting Cage.

Please visit our website to see additional photos on all products and services we provide.  Our webiste address is:


We are finishing a project in Leesburg, FL.  The project is an outdoor pavillion at a school.  The court is comprised of a concrete slab with a rubber underlayment and a urethane top coat.  It is a great application for situations where a multi-purpose court is needed.
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